Dear guests,

As life is gradually getting back to normal, our guests’ health and comfort remain our highest priorities in Elounda Olea Villas and Apartments.

Elounda Olea consists of a small team of permanent employees that is carefully instructed with the new stringent practices on Covid-19. Our villas and apartments are designed to provide fully secured and well-maintained private spaces, while hygiene and cleanliness are a very important aspect of our service. In order to safeguard our high standards, we are enforcing some additional measures that will remain in effect for the whole season.

Please find below a list of information on our villas, along with plans and routines that we enforce in order to ensure the health, safety and maximum well-being of our guests and team members:

  • All our villas and apartments are private and autonomous with separate individual entrances and thus guarantee no physical contact with other guests.
  • All villas & apartments are self-catering and fully equipped, enabling guests to avoid unnecessary public contacts.
  • Daily maintenance of the private pools and shared pool and disinfection through chlorination is carried out by certified professionals.
  • No physical contact with public indoor spaces (reception, lobby etc.) is needed during arrival and stay. Guests are welcomed in an open space and led directly to their villa/apartment.
  • There is a strict 24 hour unoccupancy gap between check-out and the next check-in.

Villa/apartment cleaning procedures

  • On your arrival day, all inner and outer surfaces of the villa/apartment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • During your stay, the villa/apartment will be cleaned every 3 days following our current policy.
  • If you wish to avoid activity within the villa/apartment, we will be able to arrange new towels and linen in front of your villa/apartment.
  • Hand-sanitizers and cleaning disinfectant will be offered in each villa/apartment.
  • The private pool of your villa/apartment will be cleaned carefully on the arrival day, and extra precautions will be followed due to cleaning regulations.

Outdoor and common areas

Regular disinfection of the barbeque and sitting area around the shared pool with anti-bacterial liquids will be carried out.

  • People will keep a distance of least 2 meters from each other unless you are travelling together.

Additional services and medical support

  • Elounda Olea has a local doctor attached in case you are feeling ill or unwell. The doctor will be attending you at the villa and discuss your concerns if needed.
  • Brand new thermometers are provided upon request, subject to availability.
  • Medical masks and gloves are provided upon request.

With these initiatives we will be doing everything in our power to provide a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience when you visit us this year. We look forward to welcoming you at Elounda Olea Villas and Apartments soon.

Until then, stay safe


The Elounda Olea team